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8/15/2018 Update:  To sign up as a student, use this link:

This course has enabled open enrollment. Students can self-enroll in the course once you share with them this URL: Alternatively, they can sign up at and use the following join code: 8R9H7B

 @Chris_Hofer ,  @G_Petruzella  stefaniesanders, awebster

Hi folks, it looks like Scott the Magnificent has already created us a CanvasHacks public classroom to play in, and enrolled us as teachers.

Any thoughts on structure? I have a similar course that is mostly complete that I am preparing for my faculty that I could upload to provide a bit of structure. It is intended for non-coders, and has the following module structure:

  • About HTML and the HTML Editor - DO NOT FEAR THE CODE!
  • Beginning Users
  • Intermediate users
  • Advanced users
  • Sharing (sharing has a discussion and links to external resoursces

However, I am not a pushy sort, so whatever anybody else wants, I am more than happy to go along with. I can always upload stuff a piece at a time and fit it where I can.

My "lessons" are all one page, and include:

  • A brief description
  • The code snippet
  • Anatomy of the code snippet where I identify those components that are easy to modify by novices like myself
  • Instructions for use
  • Troubleshooting, and
  • Sometimes some obvious variations based on changes to parts of the code (colors, sizes, positions etc. - the minor stuff)

Let me know what your think!

Oh yah, and I also have a hokey Home page, because that's just the kind of guy I am:)

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Community Team
Community Team

Great idea, Kelley.

I created a course shell in  It looks like well over 60 people have already requested either student or teacher level access.  Those of you with teacher level access, feel free to invite your friends.  Anyone else interested, please comment to that effect.   @kmeeusen ​ and the super helpful  @Ron_Bowman ​ have been great about going in and inviting folks. 



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Since I can't seem to find the message button, can you please add me as a student?


- Sarah W

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Great Resource.  Thanks!

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Hi @MariaMatheas2 

DM me in this community with your first and last names and your email address, and I will enroll you.



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Instructure Alumni

So you're offering us a ready-made starting point? You have my "yes" vote; it sounds great!​

I put a reply here to get the following information up near the top for new people accessing this ever growing thread:

To get to the CanvasHacks classroom, you need to go to the web site and login there. 

To be added to the classroom, we need an email address - you can use the same one you have for your regular Canvas account.

I believe you will have to create a new account if what you have for a login does not work.


Will you please add me as a student?


 @jdecker ​



I would love access to this course, please!

I would also like to be added:

 @awest ​



Please add me, parde, to the course as well.

Please add me to the Canvas Hacks course -


Please add me to the Canvas Hacks course, as well?

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I would love to get access. buellj at Thanks!

Please add   Thank you!

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I would love to be added to the course, thank you!

Community Participant

Please add me to the Canvas Hacks Classroom as a student -



Can you please add me too.

 @ajeffery ​

Shoot me your email address and I will get you enrolled.


ajeffery at - thanks so much.

Please add me to Cavas Hacks.  My admin and instructor account won't work for some reason. I would love to learn these tools.

Please add me to the course - thanks

Could you please add me to the course!?

Thank you!

I would also love to be added. Thanks!

Community Participant

Please add me as a student:

Thank you.

Will you please add me as a student?




It is done, and you should receive your invite shortly.



I opened the link and signed up (again) outside my school instance. I can see this discussion, but not resources...Is that right?

I would like to be added to this course.

Hi. Ron, could you add me in too?

My email is

Thank you.

It is done Jun!



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Okeley Dokely Folks, I am moving my content in even as we speak!

However................. please feel free to thrash it as desired, I learned all about sharing in Kindergarten and the lessons stuck.

I did add an additional module for those who know how (secretly so that I can learn), for code snippets that require modification of the global script. Several of you have that skill, and now you can share for those of us who don't.

Feedback is always welcome! Even brutally honest feedback!


It is up there, even though unfinished. I will go through it today, and unpublish any incomplete pages while I am still working on them.

I hope to run into some of you folks at the InstCon InstructureCon next week, seems like a great group to network with.

Please send me an invite to be added as a student.

Thanks in advance!