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Hoping there is a solution to my issue that I am just overlooking. I will try to explain this as simply as I can!


A Canvas course for student orientation is built. It consists of multiple modules regarding items that all new students of the institution must have access to. (Technical college, adults and high school students.) 

One module is an interactive Storyline package with policies and procedures, etc., and a couple quizzes. This SCORM package is uploaded into the Canvas course as a graded assignment to verify that students have viewed all slides and passed quizzes at 80% or higher.


CHANGES! Policies change, contact information changes, resources change, staff and faculty changes. While I have done everything humanly possible to generalize information and link to our website (which should host the most current updates), changing the content of this Storyline project throughout the year is going to be inevitable. 

I am insistent that we continue to use the same course shell for all new students in the entire fiscal year for record keeping purposes.


  1. Unpublish the outdated assignment and publish a new one each time there is a change
    1. "Old" students will have access to the new information; however, will reflect no grade
  2. Publish a new one for use "from this day forward"
    1. Will require using sections to assign the old one to past students, and new one to everyone else.
    2. Will get really messy if multiple changes are made in a year.
    3. This option gives me major anxiety because there is not an "everyone EXCEPT" option which really needs to happen!
  3. Do away with Storyline all together
    1. Doesn't necessarily solve the problem because even if the information was broken into individual assignments, changes are still going to need to be made. 
    2. BUT then again, assignment information can be changed and retain a students' existing score.
    3. I spent a lot of time on the Storyline project, Articulate is expensive, and that would feel like such a waste to toss it completely.
  4. The million dollar solution that I have not thought of yet.....


Thank you to whoever can fill in #4 for me! I would make you cookies, but that wouldn't be very realistic. 

1 Solution

Hello @angelah 

I was able to read through your post on this. 

  1. You could Unpublish the outdated assignment and publish a new one each time there is a change. You could use the assign to feature to assign the new assignments to the new section of users in the course. Users who are not assigned to the old assignments won't be able to access the assignments with the outdated information.  This also ties in with your second question. One thing worth mentioning on this is that if students have submitted to an assignment, you won't be able to unpublish it. 
  2. Publish a new one for use "from this day forward." i was not 100% clear on this question. just wanted to verify, when you say Publish a new one, are you referring to publishing a new course? Or assignment?  
  3. Doing away with Storyline all together. If you are interested in exploring different avenues on this, one thing I thought of that might make your life a little easier when information needs to get updated is to possibly use Blueprints to update things. You could setup a master blueprint course and associate it with this course you are using the SCORM package in. One thing worth mentioning is that blueprinting courses does not work super well with SCORM content. This is because SCORM's LTI requires that the file needs to be added to courses individually. However, if you were do decide to do away with the SCORM LTI, you could easily update information by changing it in the master course and then syncing it over to the associated course. HERE is our blueprint guide, if you want to take a look at it. 

Hopefully this helps! 


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