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Course Summary on Syllabus Page

Do you know how Canvas figures out how to organize/list assignments at the bottom of the syllabus? Each assignment in the screenshot below is due on the same date (5/22). However, Canvas does not list them in any order that I can discern. Ideally, they would be listed as Module 1…, Module 2….  I’ve tried moving things around on the modules page, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference here. (This has been an issue all along.) Thank you for your help! 



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Canvas sorts assignments chronologically first followed by alphabetization for undated assignments.

I hope this answers your question.

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But they would be listed as Module 1, Module 2 then name.... not in Alphabetization 

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In all honesty, I just turn off the Course Summary in my Syllabus. It's a confusing, redundant feature. Students can already find out what they need to do by going to my Modules, their Calendar, and/or their To-Do List. Here's my advice: make life for you and your students easier and get rid of it!

To disable the Course Summary, go to Syllabus. Click on Edit. Then remove the checkmark in the box next to "Show Course Summary." Problem solved. 


Hello @patelp3 

I was able to look at this in my sandbox. From what I see, it will obviously be organized by the due date and time first.

Now, let's say that you have some undated assignments in your course. It looks like it should then be organized Alphabetically by the assignment/quiz name. I was able to take a look at your screenshot, but i am seeing something completely different in my sandbox. If that is becoming an issue for you or your students in the course, it might be best to submit a ticket to support with your specific examples and they can take a look and see why it is not being organized alphabetically. 

If needed you can always disable the course summary in the edit screen. HERE is a guide on how to disable that if you need. 


Hopefully this helps a little bit! 


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@patelp3 @ColtonSwapp -

I have not looked into this matter, but what about the available date being set - if the due date and time is the same for all assignments, would the available from date be used?  Also, just wondering about the order the assignments were created as a possibility in determining the order with the same due date and time.  The creation time could easily be checked by looking at the database id associated with each of the items.  

I really don't know, but just some of the ideas I had.