How to ignore case and allow different answers in fill in the blank (new quizzes)

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As an example, consider this question:
Write the name of a US state that has 4 letters: [state].

The "Answer Type" is "Open Entry." You want to specify that Ohio, Utah, and Iowa are correct answers, but you want to ignore case.

If you select "Specify Correct Answers" as the "Text Match" option, you can easily add the names of the three states. However, the question will NOT ignore case.

If you select "Close Enough" as the "Text Match" option, there's a check box to ignore case (and you can specify Levenshtein Distance for added flexibility). However, the question will NOT allow multiple answers.

The only solution I found was to use "Regular Expression Match" as the "Text Match" option, and then specify


as the regular expression. I'm in Computer Science and am used to working with regex, so I knew about the (?i) flag. However, I think it's a hassle to use a regex for something so simple.

My suggestion: please add an "ignore case" checkbox for the "Specify Correct Answers" Text Match option.

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Hi @PauloMerson 


I definitely understand your concern in this situation. You are not alone in your line of thinking and needs. I recommend that you explore the Idea Conversations where you can express your ideas and vote on existing recommendations from the community.


Have a look at this suggestion here that already exists and feel free to add your support to it! I believe it matches what you were wanting.

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