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How do I create Formula Questions in Quizzes.Next with multiple parts? For example:

Given the angle theta = `theta` degrees,

a) what is sine theta

b) what is cosine theta

I need this functionality DESPERATELY! and have been asking for it for years.

Thank you.

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 @ernest_goh , 

This functionality does not exist within the core Canvas product. You may be able to use an external homework system for math that would get at this kind of stuff.

The closest that Canvas has to this with the legacy Quizzes is a multiple fill in the blank, but those are problematic for grading math as you have to allow for all of the variations (they're not numbers, they're strings). This functionality will not exist with the current version of quizzes as Canvas is putting development time into the Quizzes.Next platform.

Quizzes.Next allows for regular expressions, but you're still trying to treat a string as mathematical content and that's an issue. At least you could put /^0?[.]866\d*/ to get 0.866, .866, 0.866025403784 from the student. Alas, it would also take 0.8669, which is not sin(π/3). Quizzes.Next is not as fully developed as the old version yet, but they're striving to reach feature parity. At this point, I wouldn't seriously consider it for math.

Multiple fill in the blank questions don't allow for randomization, though, so you would have to manually create all of those questions. 

If you want a formula question, then you can only ask for one of those values at a time. That may lead you to rethink how you ask the questions. For example, if you know the cos(π/6) is it necessary in the same question to ask about sin(π/6) ? Couldn't you mix it up a little?

Again, I know that's not what you want, just explaining what's possible.

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