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I see all over the internet examples of teachers annotating student submissions in speed grader. In these speedgraders, you can clearly see options to draw and add text to student assignments. I have attached an image as an example. 
However, in my speed grader and the speed graders of my co-workers, we do not see these options to annotate. Is there a setting that needs to be changed in order for us to annotate student submissions?
I am attaching an image of what I see in speedgrader's DocViewer for a word document submitted to an assignment. As you can see, there are no options to annotate the document.


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Community Coach

Hi @TravisMarks,

It doesn't seem like we were able to find the issue in the community.  If you or anyone else is running into the issue still, I'd recommend contacting Canvas Support so they can take a look at your exact Canvas environment and see what's going on.  Generally, we'd expect anyone with grading permissions to be able to annotate a word or pdf file submission in SpeedGrader.

I'm sorry the community couldn't be more help on this one.  However, we are marking this post as a temporary solution to help Community Members find and respond to the newest and most active threads.

At any time, any Community member can click the “Not the Solution” option and then respond in-thread with your follow-up questions. It’s important to include @CommunityForums in that reply so we can restore the entire topic to our list of unanswered questions we check routinely.


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