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Speedgrader comment library not savable


I'm a long time BlackBoard/Turn It In user.  I am using Canvas for the first time at another university. Generally, they are very similar and intuitive.

However, when it comes to grading papers, there is one GLARING difference between Blackboard and Canvas. It has to do with annotated comment banks. 

Here's the difference:
When grading assignments/papers in Blackboard's Turn-It-In Feedback Studio there are "Quickmarks". These are customizable and savable phrases that can be dropped precisely into a location within the student's document.
In Bb, each assignment has a customized comment bank I've written and that I can place right into the specific location where I seek to provide feedback. In other words, the feedback I need for SW 500, Assignment #2 are very, very different than the feedback needed for SW 520, Assignment #3. I have a dozen customized and saved comment libraries that are tailored for each class and each assignment within that class.
Conversely, at my other uni I discovered, to my chagrin, that Canvas does not have this feature.  Not even close.  What they CLAIM to have is what they call "Speedgrader Comment Library": It's comment bank that cannot be saved for specific assignments.    This means that for each and every assignment, the faculty must re-write brand new comment banks. 
From a grading perspective, it's a massive timewaster.  A nightmare for someone like me who aims to provide students with detailed feedback for each assignment.
Why cant' Canvas do what Blackboard has done for over 10 years?
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@EliseJohnson2 -

I agree with you that what is available in blackboard would be nice in Canvas.  There are some reasons why that capability is not present - I would like the comments to be like rubrics - where you could assign them to specific assignments like you mention.   I have a feeling that there are 2 possible reasons for the difference.  One is that Canvas just not develop the saved comment aspect very well - it is brand new, so it may get better over time.  The other possibility is blackboard may have a patent on that type of layout system.


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I have a method of using the Canvas comment library that might help you:

I have at least two dozen comments in my library (and periodically add more). What I do to identify and quickly find the one I want to use is to start each comment with CAPITAL LETTERS (give it a name, so it stands out to me) that are specific to the assignment and, if needed, specific issues that commonly come up with student work. When needing to find a specific comment in my library, I just type a word I know is in the comment I'm looking for and the option to select that comment pops up so I can just click on it. I can then add to or edit the comment as needed for that specific student's issue. (I will usually remove the "name" I assigned to the comment).

Yes, it is a work-around and not as effective as having specific collection of comments for each assignment. But sometimes I do use the same generic comment as a base for multiple assignments (e.g. "view feedback added to submitted file" or "please use helpful header with your name, assignment title and course number/section..."