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I'm unable to see my teacher's feedback on a PDF I submitted. I can see her graded rubric and the chat on the side but there is no link that should be attached which would include her specific comments.  I think this is an issue only on my end because she can see the PDF link there with her comments.  Attached is a screenshot of what she sees versus a screenshot of what I see

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Hi @AutumnHenriksen 

Based on the screen shots you provided the annotated PDF would be at the bottom of the assignment page when you view it. If you are not seeing it I would suggest a couple things:


  1. Make sure that your browser is up to date - Check the Canvas browser requirements.
  2. Clear your browser cache for all time - Find the steps for your browser.
  3. Try viewing the results in a different browser from the one you normally use

If all else fails, you can open a support ticket with Canvas Support.

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