WHY is the Rich Content Editor NOT available in Canvas Inbox / Conversations?

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Canvas Inbox (Conversations) needs the RCE!  

Imaging being able to communicate with bold or italic type. Imagine being able to add live hyperlinks or bullet lists when sending messages in Inbox. How about links to assignments or discussions or anything else in your course? 

Here's how you can help make this happen

There's been an idea conversation about adding the rich content editor (RCE) to Canvas Inbox for SIX years!  It doesn't have the necessary stars/votes to garner the attention of the Canvas/Instructure folks. I posted a link to the idea page the other day and secured a few more votes but we're still at 77.  We need 100 votes to get attention and move the idea down the road to development and implementation.  So, if you would like to see the RCE in Inbox, please go to the idea conversation and click on the stars at the top of the page (this is how you vote something up) There's no thumbs up button; you have to click the stars at the top of the page. 


It's mind boggling to think that this has been an "idea" since March 31, 2015, and has never been implemented.  It seems to me that this shouldn't even have to be an idea conversation; it should've just been implemented when the RCE was first introduced.  But here we are, SIX YEARS LATER, begging for the RCE to be added to Inbox. ??‍♀️

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