move or copy Multiple questions from one item bank to another in New Quizzes?

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Moving a single question is easy, as shown here:

But what about mutlple questions? This process is tedious as I'm trying move 20 questions at a time.

Mind you, the real problem I that I having to combine quiz banks because New Quiz questions can only draw questions from a single bank at a time. So if I want to source from multiple banks for a single question, I have to create a new combined question bank and then move the questions into it one-by-one from my existing ones.

Currently there is no way to carry out batch operations on large numbers of questions in New Quiz (e.g. I what to change the "shuffle answers ON/OFF" setting for 200 questions - good luck with that). Maybe I find an error in some questions and want to delete all affected questions. It would be nice to select a bunch of them and carry out some action on them as a group.

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