How do I apply to jobs on Canvas Student ePortfolios?

Depending on the job listing, some jobs allow you to apply directly on Canvas Student ePortfolios and attach up to four attachments from your profile. Other listings direct you to the company's external website to complete the application process.

Depending on network settings, companies and jobs may not be available in your network. If you are not able to view the Jobs icon, search for open jobs, or apply to jobs, that functionality has been restricted by your network admin.

Find Job Listing

Locate the job you want to apply to, and click View Job to view the job details.

Apply on Canvas Student ePortfolios

Apply on Portfolium

Review the job description. When you are ready to apply, click the Apply Now button.

Enter Application Details

Enter Application Details

In the Application tray, verify your details and resume [1], add a cover letter (optional) [2], and select any projects you want to include on your application [3].

When you have entered all your information, click the Apply button [4].

Apply on Company Website

Apply on Company Website

Some jobs will direct you to apply on the company website. Review the description and details of the job, and then click the Apply on Company Website button. You will be automatically redirected to the posting on the company's website to complete your application.