How do I view and enter challenges on Canvas Student ePortfolios?

You can enter your projects in challenges on Canvas Student ePortfolios and gain visibility for your work and potentially win prizes.


  • The project you enter must have public visibility.
  • The project you enter must include the challenge's official hashtag in your project tags.

Find Challenges

Find Challenges

Find challenges by clicking the Challenges link in the footer or by going to in your web browser.

View Challenges

On the Challenges page, you can view a list of active challenges.

View Challenge Details

On the challenge details page, you can view details for the challenge including guidelines for submissions, date range, and the number of challengers.

To enter the challenge, click the Join the Challenge button.

Select Project

Select Project

In the Enter the Challenge tray, you can select a project you have already created or create a new project to submit to the challenge. To submit a project you have already created, click the checkbox next to the project name [1] and then click the Enter button [2].

To create a new project, click the Add New Project button [3].

Note: If you select an existing project, make sure to edit the project to add the challenge's official hashtag to the project tags. You can find the challenge hashtag on the challenge's details page.

View Confirmation

When you have successfully submitted your project to the challenge, the challenge details page will display that you have entered.