How does Canvas Studio compare to similar digital tools such as EdPuzzle?

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We are currently using Canvas quizzes school wide.  A teacher creates a quiz using Canvas New Quizzes, and adds a video (or two videos) as a stimulus with questions following each stimulus.  The problem is that students cheat by getting the answers from other students and will answer the questions that follow the stimulus (the video) without even watching the video.  It's kind of turned into a joke to say the least but it's rather unfortunate.  We are therefore looking to revamp things.  I recently learned about Canvas Studio, which sounds similar to EdPuzzle.  We currently have a premium license for EdPuzzle but might cancel it.  I also just learned that Nearpod also includes a video component.  I was wondering if others could please share their experience with using Canvas Studio and how it compares to EdPuzzle.  Ideally, I would like to use a tool which is already built into Canvas for assessment rather than using a third party tool. Integration and ease of use for faculty and students is of the utmost importance.  I want to use an assessment component which includes video with embedded questions and does not allow the students to skip ahead.  I would love to learn what others think about Canvas Studio.  Is this something that I need to contact my CSM about?  Is this an add on with an extra fee?  Thank you.



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Hi rpsimon, 

Thank you for checking out Studio! I would recommend, given the issues you're currently facing, looking into Studio quizzes as described in this guide. or looking into Studio more broadly via this other guide

A few highlights to bring to your attention:

Studio quizzes allowing you to place questions within the video itself, ensuring students have to watch it fully.

Analytics regarding video completion rate, and if students skip a portion of the video, where they skipped it.


If you do have further questions, we would recommend double checking with your CSM as they may be able to help provide a more in-depth look before committing.

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