How do I use Canvas Studio video quizzing?

Canvas Studio Video Quizzing provides instructors, teacher assistants (TAs), designers, and Studio account admins with a simple way to create engaging and impactful learning experiences through video. Instructors, TAs, designers, and Studio account admins can engage students using a video with questions to evaluate how well students are comprehending the video content.

As an instructor, TA, designer, or Studio account admin, you can create and embed video quizzes in Canvas. As a user, you can take embedded video quizzes. This gives students an interactive video learning experience that provides feedback to help them monitor their own understanding of the video content.


  • Quizzes must be created from your My Library page.
  • Once a Studio video quiz has been taken, edits made to the video quiz by the creator will not apply to any pre-existing embedded quizzes that have submissions. New embeds of the edited video quiz will show the updated version of the video quiz.
  • If the quiz creation option does not display in Studio, this feature has not been enabled in your account. Please contact your admin for more information.

Locate  Media

In Studio, the My Library page opens by default. The library displays media preview tiles with the most recently added media displayed first.

To search for a media file, click the Search icon [1]. To sort media by title, click the Sort By drop-down menu [2]. To filter media by collection, or caption status, click the Filter by drop-down menu [3].

Note: Media that includes a quiz displays the Quiz icon [4].

View Media to Create Quiz

View Media to Create Quiz

Locate the media to base your quiz on, click the Options icon [1], click the Create Quiz link [2], and create your quiz.

Note: Media that includes a video quiz displays the Quiz icon [3].

View Media with Quiz

View Quiz

Locate the media with the created quiz.

Click the Options icon [1], hover over the Quizzes link [2], and then view the name of the created quiz [3].

For users to take the quiz, the media must be embedded in Canvas.

View Quiz

View Quiz

As you play the media, answer the questions that are displayed in the media timeline. To play the relevant portion of the media again, click the Re-watch button [1]. To continue playing the media, click the Continue button [2].

View Results

View Results

Instructors, TAs, designers, and Studio account admins can view quiz results. Users can view their individual quiz results.