First timer inbound for InstCon. What to expect??

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Though I'm a long-time Bbworld/DevCon attendee/presenter, but this will be my first InstCon, and I've only been working with Canvas the last year. What to expect? Any info contrasting experiences between BbWorld and InstCon would be helpful/appreciated! I'll probably go "development heavy" on the presentations, etc. Looking forward to responses!







InstructureCon 2020‌

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Community Coach

Hi  @reynlds ! I'm also a central IL person (about 45 min from you!) and it's great to see others from the area planning on attending InstCon!

I've attended BbWorld and InstCon and I think the biggest difference is the people and the connections. Even though there are a lot of people who attend InstCon, it still has a small/close feel because people really do talk and network with each other. If you are a development heavy person, then you'll definitely want to watch out for "Hack Night." Hack Night is a free opportunity that takes place after the regular evening events and is when all the programmers and development people (even Instructional design types) get together with Instructure employees and work on various projects, questions, etc. I've attended 4-5 over the years and it's always a great time and some awesome work gets done! Along with this, I'd follow-up with the Unconference on Friday (also free!). The Unconference is a chance to do more networking and sharing with people who are interested in similar topics. For example, last year we had a development/programming track at the Unconference that focused on API, Canvas Data, and things like that. 

And last, even though the people are the best at InstCon, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the swag. The swag at InstCon is usually insane in the amount and what type of things you get. Last year in CA our group ended up shipping a box of stuff home because it wouldn't all fit in our suitcases! And this wasn't the first time it's happened. There was another year we bought a new suitcase just to get it all home! 

Hope this has helped and if you ever want to do some local networking, just let me know! We've got a pretty amazing programming person at our school who has come up with some super cool extra tools for Canavs - Canvancements - Canvas Enhancements‌. 

Have a great day! Kona

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