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Allow Multiple Submission Types on the Same Assignment

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Allow Multiple Submission Types on the Same Assignment

Originally submitted by Sara Wolf


Currently, instructors can choose to allow a variety of formats for assignment submission. However, when the student submits, only one type can be used, unless the student elects to resubmit the assignment. Even so, if the student resubmits the assignment, the student can no longer see his or her first submission. So, if they make a mistake, they aren't sure what need to be fixed, because they can't see what they originally submitted.


It would be helpful to have students be able to submit a file type (graphic, or URL, or word document, for example) and then be able to also use the text box feature, in the same submission, to "tell about" their assignment. Ideally, the instructor would be able to see both submission types in the SpeedGrader in a single submission, and similarly, students would be able to see both submission types in their assignment submission interface. For instance, if students have to create an image of a floor plan for a future classroom, and then provide an "annotation" of that floor plan that describes how it illustrates their teaching philosophy, having the image be visible to the teacher at the same time as the annotation would be ideal. Another example would be an assignment that requires a link to a video url and accompanying text. If the students could submit the URL to the video and fill in a text box at the same time, they would be able to take advantage of the rich content functionality in the text box submission type (that is not available to them in the assignment comments area), and teachers would be able to evaluate the link to the video and the accompanying text simultaneously in the SpeedGrader.

Community Member

The instructors in our online courses would like students to be able to submit the PowerPoint along with the video of their presentation. They want to grade it as one assignment and not have it as two separate submissions, or have the students resubmitting in order to complete both pieces of the assignment.



I just checked this in my sandbox, and a student can actually submit as many files as they wish in a single submission. As a test student, I was able to upload an image, a Slideshow and a Word document on one submission. As the teacher I was able to toggle through all three files in SpeedGrader.

As a student, you simply browse for your first file, then click "Add another file", and browse for it, then repeat this process until all files are selected, then click "Submit Assignment".

I did not check including a media file in the mix.


Adventurer III

Hey Kelley,

Thanks for doing the leg work on that.

I think the intent of stefaniesanders​ request is more to allow for multiple submission types per assignment submission.  For example to allow for both a file upload and a web url in the same submission.


Thanks for the clarification Scott, and I just tested that. Canvas does only permit one submission type. With file uploads I can submit multiple file, but I cannot add a media recording or a URL. When you submit from those tabs, the other submission types are not retained and submitted.

Great feature request! I can see many uses/needs for this functionality.

Adventurer III

Its a one-two punch - students can only submit one submission type per submission and they can only see their latest submission, which means they can only see comments on the latest submission.  Teachers can see all submissions and often do not know students see only the last submission and will direct students to, for example, submit a file and then submit a video.

Learner II

We are having this problem in a speech class.  The instructor wants them to upload a doc or docx file of their manuscript as well as a media upload of the speech itself. 

As a student, you can do this.  It does not give any errors.  As a student, you can then only see one of the types of submission after you submit.  However, when the instructor goes in to grade it, they can only see either the manuscript or the video, not both. So, this isn't working as designed.  The students think their submission went through. 

This either needs to be limited by only allowing them to submit one type of submission, or allowing both to be shown in the speedgrader since it's successful.

Community Member

This is an important option. Like others have said a student may be asked to submit multiple types of assignments. I think it would be good if any submission is included - a file attached, a text box used, media or URL included that all will be submitted at once when the submit button is hit.

Community Member

This would be such an important feature! Heart

This way, we can design activities freely not having to worry about the technical issues students may face. Although I thought of a workaround by using the comments section inside the submission details, this really isn´t the ideal solution. This problem limits a lot. 

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Excellent idea stefaniesanders​ !

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If I assigned a draft and a final, can I use this to look at the first and second submission simultaneously? Can the draft and final have different due dates within this single assignment?