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Course Hack Night is back, by popular demand! This event is for anyone interested in taking Canvas course design to the next level. Instructure employees from our Community team will be present, along with long time Canvas users, to help new(er) Canvas course designers and teachers find, and use built-in Canvas features, external educational tools (LTI apps) and open educational resources.



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Community Contributor

Alright, here at Course Hack Night. Let's see what we can learn!

New Member

The dinosaur buttons are my favorite part so far!

Community Contributor

Lots of comments or tweets please. Will this be summarized in the community?

Community Champion

Anyone here working w/ rubrics tonight?


Thanks for a great event!

New Member

Thanks to everyone who was willing to chat and share your super cool course hacks last night! Even though some of it is totally Greek to me, it was great to see what folks are working on!

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

I had such a great time watching people hard at work on their ideas--I am truly in awe--and I had some great free-flowing conversations with people in every role in Canvas. I would recommend this event to anyone, hack skillz or no. We'll need a bigger room! :smileysilly:

Coach Emeritus

Thanks for that note Stefanie. I am not a coder and worried all of it would fly over my head so fast it would leave skid marks on my bald spot - Okay, it's not really a "spot" and more like a dome!

I will hit it next year, and try it out.


Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

 @kmeeusen ​, at the risk of turning it into a spectator sport, I would encourage more people to drop in and see what's being worked on at the various tables. And if you're worried about skid marks on the dome, just wear the jester hat! :smileysilly:

Community Contributor

I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone involved with Hack/Course Hack Night! I enjoyed "talking about support" and learning more about Service Cloud.

Thanks again!


Community Coach
Community Coach

Did anyone post a write up about hack night, or was it more of a synchronous one time (well, two time) event?

Community Team
Community Team

Hey Sean,

Hack Night is very much a one-off synchronous event.  Whoever wants to shows up and talks about whatever interests them for as long as they choose to talk about it.  There isn't a program or documentation or anything.  I saw a big group discussion support.  There were people working on an observer app. Another group was discussing and sharing various LTIs, working with APIs, etc.  Next year we will probably double or triple the space available as it was pretty crowded in there at one point this year.

Community Team
Community Team

I definitely think a bigger space is in order! It was amazing to see so many people in attendance.