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Gradebook Futures: Kill All the Clicks!

In this session, presenter Christi Wruck demonstrated how the updated gradebook will have some great new features including:

  • Collapsible columns to help with navigation
  • Improved annotation
  • Crosshairs to help with identifying where you are in the gradebook
  • Late, Missing and Excused Flag colors
  • A Search feature
  • Bulk grade adjustments=default grade (can adjust points)
  • SpeedGrader update-student names will be on the same side as grade/comments to speed up grading even more
  • Automated late policies can be applied (missing and late)
  • Post grades-mute grades can be automatic
  • Grade book settings-Late, scheme, post policies (see image below)
  • Student specifics
  • Student view of grade book
  • Current grade/Final grade
  • Auto-saved comments in SpeedGrader (we have faculty who requested this feature)

Image of tabs for the new gradebook settings:


Christi also mentioned that institutions can request a User Interview visit from Product. Talking to those who use Canvas helps Instructure identify/verify user needs:



  1. When will the new gradebook launch?
  2. Will the comments in Speedgrader be editable?
  3. Our faculty would like a customizable export since currently everything in the gradebook exports as .csv. Is a customizable export of the gradebook in development yet?
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Adventurer II

Nice summary.  You saved my bacon here,​.  Mucho appreciado!!

Community Member


  1. Ahh timelines. We generally don't talk timelines until we're close to finishing a project. We are currently scheduled to begin the Gradebook work in November of 2016. When we are closer to releasing something, we'll be sure to let you know about it!
  2. The saved comments in Speedgrader are not editable. We may get there when we start down the comment bank path, but we're not quite there yet.
  3. A customizable import/export of the gradebook is not yet in development, but it a project that is on deck to be designed and scoped.