Gradebook Futures: Kill All the Clicks!

Community Champion

In this session, presenter Christi Wruck demonstrated how the updated gradebook will have some great new features including:

  • Collapsible columns to help with navigation
  • Improved annotation
  • Crosshairs to help with identifying where you are in the gradebook
  • Late, Missing and Excused Flag colors
  • A Search feature
  • Bulk grade adjustments=default grade (can adjust points)
  • SpeedGrader update-student names will be on the same side as grade/comments to speed up grading even more
  • Automated late policies can be applied (missing and late)
  • Post grades-mute grades can be automatic
  • Grade book settings-Late, scheme, post policies (see image below)
  • Student specifics
  • Student view of grade book
  • Current grade/Final grade
  • Auto-saved comments in SpeedGrader (we have faculty who requested this feature)

Image of tabs for the new gradebook settings:


Christi also mentioned that institutions can request a User Interview visit from Product. Talking to those who use Canvas helps Instructure identify/verify user needs:



  1. When will the new gradebook launch?
  2. Will the comments in Speedgrader be editable?
  3. Our faculty would like a customizable export since currently everything in the gradebook exports as .csv. Is a customizable export of the gradebook in development yet?