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Gradebook Futures: Kill All the Clicks!

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Christi Wruck

Instructure - Higher Ed & K12

When it comes to time spent grading, fewer clicks, more bulk actions & more automation is what dreams are made of. We'll talk about making Grading more flexible and intuitive. Joins us to review big projects that solve mountains of little problems. Please plan to post your questions and feedback here. We'll have a lot to cover and may not have time to field questions during the presentation.

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Probably a dumb question, but will the presentation will be uploaded?


Bulk Grade adjustments is a great idea!

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Will the comment mode comments be exportable via csv?


One problem currently with "treat ungraded items as zero" is that those zeros don't factor into student view. My gradebook says that student Bob is getting an 87% but Bob looks at his grades and see a 94% because unless I manually put a zero in an ungraded assignment, that zero doesn't factor into Bob's view. Can this be fixed? Thanks

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Whoohoo! To Total grade adjustmental!

Explorer III

Hey, Kristi! Could you answer a few questions for me?

Will it be possible to message students from context cards?

Would you consider allowing rules for late assignments, muting etc. to be set by category for those of us who use weighted grading?

Is there any chance that we could message students who for the total grade or that message students who will have more filters: message students who have missed x number of assignments for instance.

Will the new commenting tool in speed grader include saving comments for reuse?

Will  Arc function I'm Speed grader to leave video assignment comments?


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Great session! We're thrilled with the progress in grade book. We especially like the speed grader facelift with the compact and speedy layout. Definitely a time saver!

Learner II

Thanks for all the great work -- these designs/features in progress will be major improvements.

I have a couple of questions about total grade adjustment:  1) can adjustments be made via import? 2) can adjustments be made in the GPA scale (if that was selected for the course grading scheme)?  Grade scales applied to assignment categories will be efficient.  Will the selected grade scale be clearly visible in the assignment, without lots of clicking deep into the settings?  About the 3 totals (which seem clear to me as described in the text), will the values be the same in the UI, export, and API?  Currently, some values are client side.

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Hi Christi,

I wasn't able to stay after the session to ask you about notifications.  I'm hoping you were referring to announcements.  We would love for announcements to be differentiated just like assignments.  Where you can choose the section to send the announcement to.  If this is not your area, would you be able to point me into the right direction? 

Thanks for an incredibly informative session.