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Gradebook Futures: Kill All the Clicks!

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Christi Wruck

Instructure - Higher Ed & K12

When it comes to time spent grading, fewer clicks, more bulk actions & more automation is what dreams are made of. We'll talk about making Grading more flexible and intuitive. Joins us to review big projects that solve mountains of little problems. Please plan to post your questions and feedback here. We'll have a lot to cover and may not have time to field questions during the presentation.

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Explorer III

Thank you! I think the part about Arc makes sense.

Learner II

Hey Christi,

Yes, sorry we didn't get to catch up at Keystone! You and your team are welcome to come back to UW anytime, of course!

To clarify re #2 -- since our faculty grade on a 4.0 scale for all undergraduates and most graduate programs, they don't want to adjust final grade by % or points, but by 0.1 or 0.2.  I'm hoping they will be able to enter those so-called display grade values, and not have to do the calculation of figuring out how much percent or points to add to get the final desired grade.

Please oh please add adjusting total grades via import to your roadmap as soon as you can! We have lots of instructors/departments whose grading workflow won't be (efficiently) supported until they can do that (e.g. intro to chemistry that uses T scores and Z scores and normalizes across all lecture sections....)

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I didn't get to go this one. I'm wondering when the presentation or the .PPT will be made available? 


Community Coach
Community Coach

It's up to the presenter whether or not to post their presentation file. As for the video, it normally takes them a couple of weeks after the conference to get them converted and available.

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Thanks Renee, very helpful.  Hopefully there will be a simpler way of sending announcements based on sections.



Learner II

This idea is a currently be voted on here. Please go vote!

Idea: to be able to message students who are in a particular section. This is helpful when there are several sections merged into one Canvas Shell.

Community Team
Community Team


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This session recording is now available here:


Hi Christi,

CSV export will be essential in the event teachers/lecturers need to download results prior to courses archival. Will these column comments report back the respective posts to the learners, or will it be privy only for Teachers/lecturers? Also, I assume the option is in Beta testing now. As our intuition is new to Canvas, would that mean we can request a trial through our Canvas Account Manager now or do you have another timescale for Beta release? Thanks.

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How can I access the crosshairs? As it stands now, I can not easily verify that I am on the correct row of student when I am inputting grades into the gradebook. It's incredibly frustrating that the student name is not highlighted or somehow isolated. Where is the crosshairs setting?