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It’s a Mobile World, Join Us!

To join the conversation or see additional resources visit: It’s a Mobile World, Join Us!

Let’s explore a day in the life with Canvas Mobile apps. This includes the daily, real-time experience of student and use by faculty while on-the-go. This session will help teachers and designers better understand student use, how to optimize course content, minimize confusion, and create an awesome learning experience, anywhere.

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Good info to help understand the how & why of mobile use.

(Glad I have an Android - love that Canvas app!)

Go UCF Knights!  

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The transcription of the speakers is as entertaining as the substance of their presentations. (...we sent it to Instructure... was transcribed as Senate...).


I get that this is part of a badge challenge, and it's good to know about the history of the app, but this needs to be updated, y'all!  2016?!  In tech years this presentation is a fossil! :smileyshocked:

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Good stats but with COVID-19 pandemic the use of Mobile up is way way high! Most of my students are using it now due to being on online class instruction versus being on Live Classroom. Time for new stats Ryan ;-D  @rseilham  YEAH!

I agree! ( : There are some updated stats in last years presentation: