Reviewing InstCon UnCon 2015


The unconference that took place at InstructureCon 2015 was an experiment in participant-driven, self-organized conferencing and dialogue. Inspired by the student-cented learning theme of the conference, the unconference offered attendees the opportunity to create impromptu sessions on topics that were most interesting to them. The intention was to provoke meaningful conversation that could carry through the rest of the official conference.

Because of its experimental nature, the unconference didn't receive a lot of attention or promotion. However, participants generated more than enough through a Twitter backchannel and in their reviews of the main conference as a whole. Several decision makers at Instructure pricked up their ears, and we've been given a tentative go-ahead to discuss plans for another unconference in 2016.

In this discussion, I'd like to review the 2015 unconference. I'm open to general feedback, but would also love to hear feedback related to:

  • the facility (rooms, tables, chairs, etc.)
  • the facilitation (did it feel (dis)organized enough?)
  • the promotion (what did and didn't work this year?)
  • the dialogue / conversation
  • the logistics (timing, group size, etc.)

Thank you for your thoughts!