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Go Rogue With Us! - Scott Dennis

Canvas intelligence weaves an interesting web when you follow the path of its sources. Join us for the unveiling of eight “secret agents” in the Canvas Community who have carved their own underground paths. Learn about their tradecraft, sift through their pocket litter, and uncover some of the best innovative solutions to leveraging Canvas.

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Community Team
Community Team

You can find more detail, and the slides from this presentation, at 

Community Champion

Nice quick presentation, there were a few new faces I haven't stumbled across much.  The Countdown timer and Quest laurakgibbs‌ (fun!) and thanks  @dhulsey ‌ for the discussion blog - I JUST had a question about this.  

- Melanie

Community Coach
Community Coach

So much love for this session and everyone who was was included and presented!

Community Champion

I didn't get to go to this session in person, but I'm gad the video is here!  I hope more people will become active members of the community here, but I know a lot of other work sometimes prevents that (sometimes I don't even have a chance to log on here for a few weeks at a time).  I mention the Canvas community at all of the faculty traininhg sessions I do here, as I think the help/feedback/ideas posted here are one of the best things about Canvas.


New Member


New Member

I didn't get to attend this session but I am thrilled to get the chance to view it now.  (and thanks to the "Rogue Agent" badge for directing me here!)

As a new Canvas district I can say without hesitation that without the Community my experience as a user and admin would be MUCH less productive & enjoyable. Searching through the existing knowledge base is nearly a daily requirement for me and being able to pose a question (while a little intimidating at first) has been an absolute godsend.

I really hope that next summer's Instructurecon expands on this idea and maybe breaks it up into a couple sessions, or ideally a daily session!  There is so much expertise to shine a light on and so many people that need to know about it!

Thanks to the Community leaders and all you do!

 @kona ‌  @James ‌  @dhulsey ‌  @peytoncraighill ‌  @Renee_Carney ‌ erinhallmarkstefaniesanders‌  @stacy_lambert ‌ erinhallmarklaurakgibbs‌  @kblack ‌  @stephanie_pope ‌  @drimmer ‌

Thank you,  @jwelchans ‌.  


Community Member

Thanks for posting this video /blogs/adamwilliams?sr=search&searchId=04bb660a-eee5-4d5a-929a-d87de14c8c06&searchIndex=0‌.  I wasn't able to attend this session, nice to be able to see it.

Community Contributor

Swing that camera around to show us the coaches, and share in the applause. (Awww...)

Community Contributor

Thanks for this video, it's great inspiration to stay active and Involved! I know I have personally been assisted by several of these "Rouge Agents" and could not have proceeded without their help.  

Community Contributor

Thanks for posting this. I wasn't able to attend InstructureCon 2017 (in Hawaii instead) so watching this made me feel more connected to people.  I learned some new things. Thank you  @kblack ‌. Your spotlight mentioned your‌ posts. I didn't realize that I can do this -

Community Participant

great video!

Community Contributor

Thanks for this 

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