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Hack Night at InstructureCon

Hi team InstructureCon! I'm excited to attend (this is my first year but I've heard so many great things)! I want to know what it is you want to see and do this year at Hack Night. What have you enjoyed in the past? Or what might you enjoy for the future? It's an open book so far--let's make it great. 

Here's what we have so far: 

  1. HackNight info is on the Atomic Jolt Facebook page--this year Atomic Jolt and Cidi Labs are co-sponsors--so head to the page and show some love. Atomic Jolt - Home | Facebook 
  2. While you're there, you can find the Hack Night details under Events--or you can skip and head straight to the source Hack Night, InstructureCon17 Tickets, Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 8:00 PM | Eventbrite 
  3. Registration is free but because we don't want to run out of our super-spy-awesome-swag, let us know you are coming--there will be snacks and prizes and a cash bar. 
  4. Tell us what you want to see this year at Hack Night. You can email me or message me and let me know--I'll collect the ideas and then we'll make it super-spy-awesome together.  @jacoba_behunin ‌ or

See you there! 


Note from the Community Team:Please note that we've got two active parallel discussions about Hack Night 2017 underway in this space, so please be sure to read through both, and contribute to either or both where necessary! The related conversation is atHack night?

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Community Champion

Well, I would really like to see both the programming & course hacks like was done at the 2015 Instcon. I missed last year so I don't have a comparison to what happened. I liked having it in the same room because I am much more of a lurker than having specific questions. I like to see what other are asking or trying to solve then see if it is something I can use. 

I also enjoyed helping people on the course design side of the room and share some of the things we have done to design our courses.

I will definitely be around mingle through the crowd.

Thanks for this comment,  @mjennings ‌. Since this is my first, #instcon, I was just asking  @kschneider25 ‌ if I could go to #hack night‌ and just be a fly on the wall. I certainly won't have specific questions, but would love to connect with people and learn from people wayyy smarter than me.

 @kenneth_rogers , I am far from a programmer, so I was a "fly on the wall" last year at Hack Night--and even though I didn't understand one-tenth of what I saw, I was nevertheless astonished at how much I learned, and even more astonished at how much fun it was. I think respectful lurking will be the order of the evening.

Thanks  @kenneth_rogers . I look forward to meeting you at some point during either this,, or one of the many other events during the week. 

Also I can help thinking about a possible Casino Night -


Community Coach
Community Coach

Course hack to go along with the general hack night!! I've been to all the hack nights except last year and as a non-programmer I still got a lot out of it. In 2014 I ended up hanging out with some super cool Instructure engineers and gave them feedback on they had worked on or were working on. In 2015 they had course hack night with regular hack night (just split the room in half) and it was awesome! There was a lot of networking back and forth between the two sides and overall just a great event!

Community Champion

I concur with Kona!

That's your one Kenny Rogers joke, Mr.  @mjennings ‌. Hope you enjoyed it.

Same shoes as you! I'll be lurking from the shadows and intently soaking up all the extra brain power I can. Pretty excited! 

I am Mr. Dadjokes over in the Live Chat area. But I can take them too. There are not many famous Mr. Jennings out there, but I don't mind being associated with this one:


Also apologizes if I overstepped. I am sure you get tired of those.