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Can you tell me more about the InstructureCon 2018 Pre-Conference Sessions?

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Hello InstructureCon veterans!

I'm hoping to attend my first InstructureCon and I'm trying to figure out whether I should book things so that I can attend the Pre-Conference Sessions. Here are the questions I have:

  • What topics will be covered? (Or when will you know what the topics will be?)
  • Is there a separate registration for those?
  • Are breakfast and lunch provided?

I saw in some other posts where there have been unofficial Pre-Conference sessions held too. If anyone planning an unofficial preconference would like to answer any or all of the questions above for their events, that'd be appreciated too.

Thanks. Smiley Happy

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Community Team
Community Team

Hey Michelle,

I wanted to come back and address your original questions:

  • What topics will be covered? (Or when will you know what the topics will be?)?
    Registration and sessions descriptions can be found at: Instructurecon July 24-26, 2018 | An Edtech conference in Keystone CO. 
  • Is there a separate registration for those? - Yes.  Registration (with a fee) is required for the Tuesday pre-conference events.  You can also register for the Friday unconference, which is free. 
  • Are breakfast and lunch provided? - If I remember correctly, there is food at the pre-conferences, both in the morning and at lunch time.  There are also several restaurants nearby if you prefer them. We'll provide breakfast and a sack lunch on Friday for unconference attendees.
  • Unofficial events on Tuesday?  I haven't heard of any as of yet.  The Community lounge won't be set up yet until Tuesday afternoon so on Monday and Tuesday morning the community folks will be hanging out in the Bridge lounge in the Keystone Lodge & Spa building.  I'd gladly buy you a cup of coffee.  Smiley Happy

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Community Team
Community Team


I'm glad to hear that you are coming this year!  Nice!

Pre-conference schedule and session descriptions should be published by about Apr 1st.  I'm not sure about breakfast but lunch is provided.  There will be an option to sign up for pre-conf sessions in the same registration process as the regular conf registration.  Not sure what else will be brewing that day but look out for more info coming at the unconference session that will happen on the Friday after the regular conference.  This year it will be lead by several luminaries from the Community!  More on that to follow...


I'm hoping to take advantage of the Early-Bird registration. On the current registration page, I don't see a place where I can register for the pre-conference. I assume that this is because topics haven't been decided. If I did early-bird registration and wanted to attend the pre-conference, would I need to return to the registration page to register separately for the pre-conference sessions?


I need to submit for funds ahead of time so knowing what the pre-conference schedule is and the cost before early bird pricing expires would be really nice.

Highlighted  and hottingert,

We are trying to get you an answer to this question currently.  Will check back when we know more.


Community Coach
Community Coach, I know you're asking about the pre-conference sessions, but as you're doing your planning, you might also want to consider attending the Unconference taking place on Friday. It's free, food will be provided, and it should be a super awesome learning/sharing/collaborating experience! 🙂



Thanks Kona. Smiley Happy I read elsewhere about the unconference and am considering it as well.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Excellent! Let me know if you have any questions!


The pre-conference schedule does not seem to be posted yet.  Is there any other gatherings on Tuesday beyond the pre-conference or are they asking for volunteers for the pre-conference or Unconference on Friday as in the past?

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Hi Tammy,

I haven't heard of any activities planned for Tuesday other than the pre-conference trainings.  However, if you are willing to be involved with the unconference on Friday, we'd love to see you there.