How do I view school year rollover dates as a Mastery Connect admin?

As a Mastery Connect administrator, you can view the start date of your current school year. This date is also the end date of the previous school year, and is referred to as the school year rollover date.

On the school year rollover date, all the trackers in your district for the previous school year will be archived. All trackers created after the school year rollover date are listed under the current school year.


  • Teachers and administrators can unarchive a tracker that was archived on the school year rollover date.
  • In the Trackers page, unarchived trackers are listed under the school year in which they were created.

Open Admin Menu

Open Admin Menu

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Admin drop-down menu [1]. Then, select the Manage option [2].

Open School Year Management

Open School Year Management

In the Manage list, click the School Year Management link.

View School Year Information

You can view the school year rollover date and details about how the rollover impacts your district's trackers [1].

If you have any questions about your school's rollover date, click the Help Center link to submit a support ticket [2].