How do I activate my Mastery Connect Parent Portal account?

As a parent or guardian, you can monitor your student's mastery of standards in real time in the Mastery Connect Parent Portal. To access the Parent Portal, you must activate your Mastery Connect account.

View Email

View Email

Open the welcome email from Mastery Connect. To open the Profile Setup page, click the Activate Your Account button.  

Note: If you do not receive a welcome email, check with your child’s teacher to verify that they have activated your account, and that they used the correct email address.

Set Up Profile

Enter your first and last name in the appropriate fields [1].

Enter a password in the Password field [2]. Then, re-enter the password in the Confirm Password field [3].

To verify that you are a parent or guardian of a student and agree to the terms of use, click the certification checkbox [4].

To submit your information and log in, click the Save and Continue button [5].

Log in to Mastery Connect

Log in to Mastery Connect

To log in with your username or email address, enter it in the Username or email address field [1]. Then, enter your password in the Password field [2].

Click the Submit button [3].

To sign in with Google, click the Sign in with Google button [4].

To sign in with Clever, click the Sign in with Clever button [5].

Note: After your profile has been activated, you can access your account at .