How do I use the Mastery Connect Parent Portal?

As a parent or guardian, you can monitor your student's mastery of standards in real time in the Mastery Connect Parent Portal. To access the Parent Portal, you must activate your Mastery Connect account.

Log in to Mastery Connect

Log in to Mastery Connect

To log in with your username or email address, enter it in the Username or email address field [1]. Then, enter your password in the Password field [2].

Click the Submit button [3].

To sign in with Google, click the Sign in with Google button [4].

To sign in with Clever, click the Sign in with Clever button [5].

View Classes

In the Tracker View page, the Current Classes tab opens by default [1].

An overview of the percentage of standards assessed in each class is displayed for each tracker in the list [2].  

To view mastery information for a current class, click the tracker name link [3].

View Mastery  

In the Mastery View page, the concept tabs display concepts that have been assessed and assigned the following mastery levels:

  • Mastery is indicated with an M on a green tab [1]
  • Near Mastery is indicated with an NM on a yellow tab [2]
  • Remediation is indicated with an R on a red tab [3]
  • Standards that have not been assessed are labeled NS on a gray tab [4]

To view an expanded description of a standard, click the Expand icon [5].

To view expanded descriptions for all standards, click the Expand All icon [6].

To view an assessment for an expanded standard, click the Assessment icon [7].

To close the expanded view, click the Collapse All icon [8].

Note: If the Assessment icon does not appear, the teacher has not made the assessment available. It may become available when all students have completed the assessment.

View and Print Assessment

View and Print Assessment

Use the navigation buttons to scroll through the assessment [1].

To print the assessment, click the Print icon [2].

When available, the answer key and an analysis of each item displays. To view the answer key, click the Answer Key tab [3]. To view the item analysis, click the Item Analysis tab [4].

Note: If the Answer Key and Item Analysis tabs are not visible, they have not been enabled for the assessment. They may become available after all students have completed the assessment.

Open Reports and Notes

In the Mastery View page, student mastery of assessed topics is displayed in the circle graph [1], and the percentage of standards that have been assessed to date is displayed in the bar graph [2].

To email the teacher, click the Email Teacher button [3].

To view progress reports, click the View Reports button [4].

To view notes from the teacher, click the Parent Notes button [5].

View Progress Reports

View Progress Reports

The student report view defaults to the Current Progress tab [1]. To print the current progress report, click the Print button [2].

View Progress Timeline

View Progress Timeline

To view progress across time, click the Progress Timeline link [1].  

To print the timeline, click the Print button [2].

View Notes to Parents

View Notes to Parents

To view notes from your student's teacher, click the Notes to Parents tab [2].

To print notes, click the Print button [2].

Open Archived Classes

In the Tracker View page, to view information for past classes, click the Archived Classes link.

Download and View Progress Reports

If your school uses standards-based progress reports in Mastery Connect, you can download and view a report by clicking the Progress Reports tab [1]. Alternatively, you can download the report by clicking the term name link [2].

To view the progress report, click the Download Progress Report button [3].

Note: A progress report does not display in the browser; you must download the PDF to view it.

View Report Download

View Reports

The PDF report displays an overview of student mastery [1] and a detailed list of all standards assessed in the class for the selected term [2].