How do I use the Leaderboard in Badges as a student?

The leaderboard shows your earned badges, leaderboard rank, and pathway progress.

Open Leaderboard

Open Leaderboard

In the Group setup drop-down menu [1], click the Leaderboard link [2].

View Leaderboard Progress

View Leaderboard Progress

Leaderboard Progress shows your leaderboard rank [1] and points you earned [2].

To find where you are on the leaderboard, click the Find me link [3].

To change your alias, click the Change my alias link [4].

To show your name, click the Share my real name checkbox [5].

View Leaderboard

The Leaderboard shows in a table format and displays an overview of learner badges in a group.

To search for a learner type their name or alias in the search learner field [1]

You can view and sort by the rank [2] learners name or alias [3], total points [4] and badge completion [5].

To view a learner's completion status and pathway progress, click the Details link [6].