Microsoft Teams & Canvas Badges/Credentials integration guide

The Microsoft Teams & Canvas Badges/Credentials integration was designed by a Microsoft partner to enable the awarding of a badge directly through the MS Teams app, rather than doing so via the Canvas Badges/Credentials platform. This means that a company can create and/or use a single issuer that can be integrated into an MS Team's app so that members can award badges to other members easily without leaving MS Teams.

Once integrated MS Team group members will be able to select and award badges to other group members. Members access the same predesignated issuer and badges that have been associated with the MS Teams account. Depending on your role, you may or may not be able to create badges. Please check with your IT administrator if you have questions about your role or ability to create badges.

The guide will direct you on how to collect and utilize the necessary information to complete the integration.

Follow the deployment guide to integrate Canvas Badges/Credentials with Microsoft Teams.

As part of step 1, please be sure to let us know which Canvas Credentials server you'd like to connect with: U.S., Canada, Europe, or the Australian server. Otherwise, you'll be connected to the U.S. Canvas Credentials server by default.

Keep in mind that you can award badges through MS Teams but you cannot view collections of badges within teams. To view badges that were previously awarded to individuals or to see the award history, you'll need to access a Canvas Badges/Credentials account.

Note: The MS Teams app must be installed on the group in teams where you intend to award badges. We hope you enjoy using the Canvas Badges/Credentials integration for Microsoft Teams. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please contact