How do I manually award a badge to a learner in a Group?

Instructors can award badges to learners manually. In a Group that is not connected to a course in an LMS via the Credentials LTI, all badges are awarded manually. In a Group that is connected to a course in an LMS, badges may be awarded  manually or automatically based on completion of course modules and assignments.

Open Progress

Open Progress

In the Group setup drop-down menu [1], click the Progress link [2].

Select a Badge

Select a badge and click the name of the badge [1]. It must be a manually awarded badge. Manually awarded badges have the Manually Awarded icon [2].

Select a Learner

Select a learner who has not earned the badge and click their name.

Award Badge

Click the Award badge button.

View Awarded Badge

View Awarded Badge

The awarded badge displays the learner's email identifier [1], the badge status [2], and award date [3].