How do I manage Canvas Credentials Organization settings?

As an organization administrator, you can manage and adjust your organization's settings by accessing the Organization dashboard.

Open Organization

Open Organization

In Canvas Credentials Navigation, click the Select Space drop-down menu [1] and then click the Organization link [2].

Edit Organization

Edit Organization

Click the Options icon [1] and then click the Edit organization link [2].

From the Organization Dashboard you can edit your public profile, content settings, the welcome page, and notification settings.

Manage Public Profile

In the Public Profile tab, you can choose how your users navigate and view your organization space [1].

You can update your organization's logo [2], organization's name [3], a description of your organization [4], organization's website [5], and contact email [6].

If you select the Redirect to org public page checkbox [7], users are directed to your organization's public page instead of the login page.

When you are finished making updates, click the Save button [8].

Manage Content Settings

In the Content Settings tab, you can select which settings you want to include on your organization's page [1].

  • Allow Changing the Default Issuing Organization [2]: provides the ability for issuers to modify the issuing organization by adding a LinkedIn Organization ID.
  • Allow External Pathway Discovery [3]: allows users who are not subscribed to your pathway or organization to view your pathway if they've earned a badge that is included in it.
  • Include External Pathways in Discovery [4]: allows users to view pathways authored by a third party on your page if the user has earned a badge included in the third party pathway.
  • Pathways Can Access Third-Party Badges [5]: allows users to use earned badges from outside your organization to complete your organization's pathways.
  • Allow custom badge properties [6]: allows staff to define custom badge properties. To learn more, see Custom badge properties.
  • Allow achievement type [7]: allows staff to specify an achievement type when creating or editing a badge. To learn more, view Achievement types.
  • Learner Record Access [8]: restricts access to specific groups or allows all users to view their learner record. To learn more, view information about the learner record.
  • Skills Library Connection [9]: allows you to connect to a skill library, such as Emsi or Indeed, and highlight what skills were required to earn the badge. To learn more, see Incorporating Lightcast skills in Canvas Badges/Credentials.
  • Badge extensions [10]: provide additional functionality to badges; you can require additional details such as grading or include resource links or an additional description of what was required to earn the badge. To learn more, see Badge assessments and questions.

When you are finished making updates, click the Save button [11].

Manage Welcome Page

In the Welcome Page tab, you can design what users see the first time they sign into your organization [1].

The welcome page appears above the first invitation or notification they receive [2]. You can create a headline and welcome message for new users. To create a custom welcome message for new users, click the Edit Message button [3].

You can choose which Canvas Badges/Credentials features you wish to include in your welcome message.

  • My Badges [4]
  • My Pathways [5]
  • My Backpack [6]
  • My Record [7]

If you're not utilizing one or more of these features in your organization, deselect the appropriate checkbox.

When you are finished making updates, click the Save button [8].

Manage Notification Settings

In the Notification Settings tab, you can customize notification messages [1].

To allow issuers to customize notification settings, click the Allow Issuer to Override Notification Preferences checkbox [2]. 

You can customize notification messages to notify users of newly earned badge awards [3], invitations to Pathways [4], expiring badge awards [5], revoked badge awards [6], and ending groups [7].

When you are finished making updates, click the Save button [8].

Note: The Allow Issuer to Override Notification Preferences checkbox is disabled by default. When the checkbox is disabled, a Notification Settings tab does not display for issuers.