Troubleshooting: How do I prevent duplicate badges from being issued in Canvas?

Sometimes badges may be awarded (accidentally) more than once in a Canvas course.

This can happen when:

  • The badge has already been awarded manually outside of this specific course
  • A switch occurs from using one badging platform to another (e.g. moving from Canvabadges to Canvas Badges within the same course)
  • If badges have already been awarded and a badge is unassigned from the Objectives tab in a course: If the badge is reassigned to the module, Canvas Badges may treat this as a new command and reissue to the students who have met the module completion criteria
  • You may revoke badges by accessing the issuer and badge detail page in your account

To prevent any duplicate badges from being awarded, keep the box checked. You can find the Prevent duplicate badge awards check box by selecting Credentials or Badges from the course menu, then scrolling to the bottom of the Objectives page.

Sometimes it may be desirable to award the same badge multiple times to the same person— it might be part of your badge system design!