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Broken Images After Uploading

Some of the images I am uploading show up as broken and do not display. I have tried multiple work arounds like trying to use screen shots, moving my images from the flashdrive to the hard drive, saving as different files like png.  I haven't had any issues in the past.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.

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Hi tsmith1 Welcome to the worldwide Canvas Community, where Canvas uses can exchange ideas and ask questions.  And it is thanks to this Community, in fact, that your question rang a bell, because I remembered reading something extremely similar to what is happening to you just within the past week.  Take a look here:  Images sometimes appearing as broken, sometimes not  and see if any of the symptoms sound similar and also check to see if some of the suggestions may help you, especially the one from  @stuart_ryan  .  If they do not, then it may be time to file a case with the Canvas engineers.  (To do that, you want to HELP on the left-side menu, and then REPORT A PROBLEM.)  

Be sure to report back to the Community here what you find out, because I'm sure others can benefit from hearing about it!

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I have had heaps of problems with image links being broken when I use Safari. I have asked Canvas Chat quite a few times but their suggestions haven't helped. Images keep disappearing - they come back - and then the disappear again. My Safari updates are up to date, I have 'allowed cookies' and I have deleted all my history to see if that makes a difference - it doesn't fix the problem. Updating Safari at my end is all fine, but the real issue is what are the students seeing at their end if they use Safari?

You definitely should report that to Canvas,  @andrea_potter ‌.  And you raise an excellent point about your students.  While you could try "Student View," that would not take out of the equation the fact that it may be something uniquely odd with your own Safari installation. You may want to ask a few of your students to check.

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Just had a faculty member on Chrome (Win) call from home and say that as of this weekend he is only getting image file names inserting when he goes to images upload from the content selector. Using Firefox (win 10), I am able to reproduce this in his course and other courses. So I am thinking this may be a potential update related global glitch Todd Smith ??

Work-around I gave the faculty member is that after you go to IMAGES>UPLOAD NEW IMAGE and it just inserts the test or broken image icon, SAVE. Then EDIT and go to IMAGES tab in content selector and click the image in the library under the "UPLOAD NEW IMAGE" link and it appears to work aok. Then save and you are all set... albeit with an extra step :z

Filing a ticket to make Engineers aware and or get definitive feedback on this is just a quirk of our (and your?) configuration now...?



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I am seeing the same issue. I have found that if I save the page and then click edit I can select the text where the image should be and then select the image in the right side content browser. It will then load properly and I can save the page with the image embedded. I reported this issue. 

Edit: I also tested with adding an image that was previously uploaded and didn't have this problem so this appears to only occur when you upload a new image. Another workaround is to upload all the images to Files area of the course first and then when you edit pages the  images will display in the content browser when editing the page. 

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Canvas Support confirmed on our ticket this is a known thing:

" We are aware of this problem and our next level of support are working very swiftly on getting this fixed."

So not just us Smiley Happy


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In case you missed it, Canvas deployed a hotfix Friday that should have fixed this. IN limited testing I have been able to do today all is good.

Thanks to all for input and contributions to get folks aware!

Go Canvas!


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FYI, for the record in case anyone else encounters this issue, Canvas Support recommended I clear my cache. That fixed it!

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I tried clearing my cache (per support ticket response), but it only worked for about 10 minutes - then images disappeared again.. Susan Nugent mentions this problem as only affecting newly uploaded images. However, that is not the case for me (both old and newly uploaded images are affected). I submitted a support ticket. Unfortunately, the response I recieved was essentially that the problem must be on my end (e.g. "I have looked into this issue and I am not experiencing the same behavior. I would suggest these trouble shooting methods...) - followed by 'clear cache, check internet connect, etc.

Do we know if someone is actually working on this issue? The post Michael Welker provided above (11/06/2017) seems to indicate that Canvas may now consider it fixed. If the problem isn't fixed soon, it seems I will have to start undoing a lot of recent work in my course Smiley Sad. Of course, I know what the 'image.png' names mean - so I can still sort of navigate my course. However, my students will not have the same option. Is there an alternative to submitting a support ticket - some method that might draw more immediate attention to resolving this issue? In case it might help, I will also post to other places that this conversation is taking place. Thank you!