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Hi all, hopefully an easy one. A Teacher would like to setup polling via a forum using "Likes" as the voting mechanism. I thought this would be fairly easy to do but having gone into the Discussion Settings I can't find the "Sorting" option highlighted in Guides: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Instructor-Guide/How-do-I-view-and-sort-discussion-replies-as-an-...

In the guide below it explains: "The discussion may also be set up to sort automatically according to the number of likes".

This isn't happening and the settings option is not there? Is there something else that needs turning on? I've added a screenshot and understand that there should be a "Sort by likes" option?  

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Thanks for the detail Daniel, and everyone who has replied. This is a shame its gone.

I think there is an issue with documents changing. Maybe a case of documents not keeping up with changes. I get that, it happens, but not flagging it anywhere and relying on delving into History (good tip however) does put you on the back foot and you start to lose faith in documents you link to others for support and training. 

It should also be in release notes but I don't mind that so much in that it not being a feature I'd ever used I wouldn't have thought to check those retrospectively to see the status of the feature.

Thanks all...the "Bring back Sort by Likes!" campaign starts now, lol.

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