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Hi all, hopefully an easy one. A Teacher would like to setup polling via a forum using "Likes" as the voting mechanism. I thought this would be fairly easy to do but having gone into the Discussion Settings I can't find the "Sorting" option highlighted in Guides:

In the guide below it explains: "The discussion may also be set up to sort automatically according to the number of likes".

This isn't happening and the settings option is not there? Is there something else that needs turning on? I've added a screenshot and understand that there should be a "Sort by likes" option?  

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Hi @dm200400600,

I can't find a way to sort by likes either.  I've used the feedback button on the bottom of that page to let the team know there may be an issue with the guide (or perhaps something is actually broken in Canvas).


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This must have just happened.  I reuse my discussion assignments each year and they had the setting to "Sort by Likes".  I had a discussion on 12/15/2022 and the replies are still sorted by the number of likes as set in the discussion options.  However, the checkbox is no longer there (as provided by @dm200400600) when editing the same discussion or new discussions.  Did an update happen and this was taken out or accidentally bugged out?


The screenshot attached was posted on 11/29/2022 on:

However, it was for announcements(?).  It looked exactly likes this in a Discussion just a month ago.



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Hi @ircroft , the documentation you linked to is about Announcements rather than discussions.  Other teachers are remembering that sort by likes was available in discussions, but it doesn't appear to be there any longer.

The documentation about liking in discussions doesn't show the choice for sorting by likes.  How do I allow students to like replies in a discussion - Instructure Community (

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This is odd, the link to the guide I posted no longer has a screenshot of "sort by likes" I'm sure it was there or else I wouldn't have referenced it (has this been changed?) I've also found more than one source that does appear to indicate "Sort by likes" was an option for discussions. Having never used it I'm not sure if this was just an option for Teachers or any user. 

It is odd that no one seems to know A) If this was possible with discussions in the first place B) if it was it appears to have gone.

Anyhow, here is an external guide that seems to indicate it was possible at some point to sort Discussion forum likes, it also has a screenshot of the setting:  

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Good morning, @dm200400600 ...

If you go to How do I view and sort discussion replies as an instructor?, do you see a three-dot kebab icon near the top right side of the page (just above the "Quick Links" button)?  If so, click on the three dots, and there is a "View History" option (at least there is for me).  You can then "View old history" to see old versions of this Guide.  (I think you need to click on the date, and the version of the Guide appears below it.)  You should be able to do this with pretty much any Guide here in the Community.

All that being said, I don't think the Guide you and I have linked to above is the correct Guide to be looking at.  Instead, I think you'd want to be looking at this Guide:

How do I allow students to like replies in a discussion?

When I view the edit history of this Guide, it appears that the "Sort by likes" check-box was removed on February 15, 2023.  I looked at past revisions as well, and "Sort by likes" was there on January 19, 2023...but then it was removed a month later.

Unless I am missing something, I'm not seeing any mention of this being removed in any of the latest Canvas Release Notes or the Canvas Deploy Notes.  🤔☹️

I'll see if I can contact somone from the Documentation Team at Instructure to see if I can find out why this was removed and not mentioned anywhere.  Stay tuned.