How do I allow students to like replies in a discussion?

You can allow students to like replies in a discussion. If a discussion allows liking, users will see a Like icon within each discussion reply. By default, liking is available to all users in the course; however, you can choose to restrict the option to graders only.

The Like icon is enabled on a per-discussion basis.

Learn how to like a discussion reply.

Open Discussions

Open Discussions

In Course Navigation, click the Discussions link.

Add Discussion

Click the Add Discussion button.

Create Discussion

Create Discusison

Create your discussion. Enter a discussion title in the Topic Title field [1]. Add discussion content using the Rich Content Editor [2].

Set Liking Options

Set Liking Options

In discussion options, click the Allow liking checkbox [1].

If you want to limit the liking functionality to only graders in the course, click the Only graders can like checkbox [2]. Only users with the Edit Grades permission can see the Like link. However, all users still see the total number of likes for each reply.

Save and Publish

Save and Publish

If you are ready to publish your discussion, click the Save and Publish button [1]. If you want to create a draft of your discussion and publish it later, click the Save button [2].

Publish Saved Discussion

When your discussion is saved in a draft state, you can return to the page and publish it at any time by clicking the Publish button in the classic Discussions interface [1] or the Publish icon in the Discussions Redesign interface [2].