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I use pages (not modules) showing three weeks of content for my University course. I did have modules set up initially, but changed back to pages so that the home page for each three week block in the course looks pretty much the same (with zoom links and basic course info always accessible on the home page).

I went to set the page for the next three week block as a home page, and though it shows as "home page" on my list of pages, that's not what you see when you log into this course. You see the old modules page. I can work with this for now, but can't seem to fix it.

My other two courses do not have this problem. I broke something!

I have modules disabled from the settings menu, so it is doubly odd that the home page won't set as a home page, though I did that correctly. Sadly, I use "free for teachers" as our university is still stuck with that horrible competitor, so I can't get help from Canvas now. Any thoughts?

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You have to do three things:

a) Publish the desired page.

b) Designate that page as the "Front Page."

c) Then go to Home and Select "Choose Home Page." Here you need to choose your "Front Page" instead of "Modules."

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@lacy_bryant ...

Assuming that you are the instructor, you will want to log into your Canvas course.  When you are on your "Home" page, follow the steps in this Guide to select the page that you want to make your "Home" page.

How do I change the Course Home Page? - Instructure Community (canvaslms.com)

Once the page is selected, you might need to navigate away from the "Home" page (by clicking on a different page in your course, for example) and then return to your "Home" page.  It should now show the page that specified to be your "Home" page.

Does this help to answer your question?

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