How do I use the Course Setup Checklist?

The first few times you create a new course in Canvas, it's a challenge to remember all of the steps required. The Course Setup Checklist exists to help you remember to cover all your bases before the course goes live.

Note: If your course does not include a Setup Checklist, your institution has enabled the Canvas course setup tutorial instead, which displays in the Course Home Page and each index page in Course Navigation.

Open Course Setup Checklist

In the Course Home Page, click the Course Setup Checklist button.

View Course Setup Checklist

The Course Setup Checklist will help you create a new course in Canvas. Open the checklist by clicking the Course Setup Checklist button. The checklist reminds you to:

  • Import content using the Course Import Tool
  • Add assignments or assignment shells on the Assignments page
  • Add users, such as students and TAs, to the course via the People page
  • Select the links you wish to display in the Course Navigation under the Navigation tab in Settings
  • Choose a layout for your Course Home Page
  • Add events and Assignments to your course Calendar
  • Publish the course, which will automatically send invitation emails to any students you have already added to the course (you may not have permission to complete this step; your institution may publish your course for you)


Note: Once your course contains a graded submission, you cannot unpublish your course.