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How do I set a Front Page in a course?

How do I set a Front Page in a course?

The Course Home Page is the first view your students will see when they enter your course. For the Course Home Page, you can customize a page from your course Pages and have it display as the Course Home Page.

If you want to change the Course Home Page to a custom page, you must first set the page as the Front Page. The Front Page is a designation that shows Canvas which page can be used for the Course Home Page. Use this page to show a welcome message, links, images, or other information for students.


  • Before setting the Front Page, the page must be published.
  • You can edit the Front Page, set a different page as the Front Page, or remove the Front Page.
  • Before setting a Front page, the Pages link in Course Navigation will open to the Pages Index. However, once you have selected a Front Page, the Pages link will always open to the Front Page. To return to the Pages Index, click the View All Pages button.
  • The Pages Front Page can also be set to display recent course announcements.

Open Pages

Open Pages

In Course Navigation, click the Pages link.

View All Pages

If a front page has been selected previously, it will display.

To view a list of all course pages, click the View All Pages button.

Set Front Page in Pages List

Locate your published page that you want to set as your Front Page [1]. Click the Options icon [2] and select the Use as Front Page link [3].

View Front Page

The Front Page will be indicated by a gray Front Page tag [1].

You can change the Front Page to any other page in the course by selecting the page Options icon [2].

Set Front Page in Individual Page

You can also set a page as the Front Page from any individual page in your course. Click the name of any published page that you want to set as your front page.

Use as Front Page

Click Settings Icon

Click the Options icon [1] and select the Use as Front Page link [2].

Remove Front Page

To remove the Front Page, locate the page labeled with a gray Front Page tag [1]. Click the Options icon [2] and select the Remove as Front Page option [3].


We are thinking that the course home page for each of our teacher's courses could be a template that we share with them on commons. We don't want to share a bunch of other stuff, just the one home page for them to edit and use... it would have a place for them to put a picture and a description and a button for the student to click to go to modules.... is that the same as the front page? how do we do that? 

Peoples and Cultures of the WorldPeoples and Cultures of the World

Hi @kb11,

The home page displays when the Home link is clicked in Course Navigation. The Front Page (if set up) displays when the Pages link is clicked in Course Navigation (if a Front Page isn't set up, Pages Index will display instead). When choosing a home page format, you can choose to use the Pages Front Page as the home page. 

Once you've added the shareable home page template to Commons, users will need to favorite the page in Commons, import it into their Canvas course, set the page as their front page, then set their Pages Front Page as their course home page. I hope that makes sense. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out!



A problem I'm finding is that I can't seem to set a Home Page without first setting it as a Front Page.  This means that if I use a home page, and want to go into the Pages index, I have to click Pages and then click "View all Pages".  I go into the Pages index quite frequently, so having to do that extra click gets annoying.  So I'd like to request the option to set up a page as my Home Page without setting it as the Front Page, or at least to be able to click directly into the Pages index from the navigation menu without sacrificing the option of having a Home Page.  

Do not have access to Course

I can not figure out how to include a picture; this is a new computer for me so I have zero saved photos on it and can not figure out how to take a picture from the internet. Any help will be appreciated!

I also can not figure out how to reply to someone else's comment.

Hi @THAM7397,

You are correct in your assessment about the functionality for Front Pages. We’d recommend you visit Idea Conversations and see if someone has already submitted the idea to our product team. Our product team always welcomes ideas to learn how to improve our product. Thank you!



If you are unable to access your Canvas course, you need to first log in to Canvas and find your courses. If you cannot find it there, you may want to reach out to your institution to see what might be causing the issue.


Hi @Mar35,

Are you looking for some help with images and replies in Canvas or here in the Canvas Community? To reply to a discussion in Canvas, please review this lesson. To grab an image from the Internet, you can try right-clicking to save the image, or take a screenshot. Hope this helps!



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