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In this post I'm compiling a list of feature ideas that relate the new quiz tool so I can keep track of them. I want to thank everyone who created a feature idea about the new quiz tool. This has been very helpful for me. I want to get each person credit for the feature idea posted.  I apologize if you receive multiple notifications about this blog post. I am hoping that this list helps to bring these issues to surface so more people can discuss why these feature ideas are important. Currently, new quizzes is a feature option in the course settings. If you don't see new quizzes in the list of feature options in the course settings, then your institution has not made it available yet. View the following resources to learn more about new quizzes. 

  • New Quizzes Group - This group includes timeline information and additional information about new quizzes. 
  • New Quizzes Guides - The guides help you learn how to create quizzes and migrate content. 
  • New Quiz Migration Options - I created this post because there are a couple of different ways you can migrate quizzes and there are pros and cons to each way. Also, choosing a migration option is dependent on how you use the current quiz tool. 

So here is the list. I decided not to included feature ideas that have been marked completed. You can see a list of completed feature ideas from the Idea page in the Canvas Community. As ideas below get completed, I will mark them in the list below. I know I didn't get all of them so please post feature ideas in the comments and I will add them to the list.   

Feature Ideas about Integration with Canvas Interface

There were several in this list that I was not aware of that I find troublesome. For me currently, the module back and next buttons are much needed. Many of our faculty like to use requirements and prerequisites and when students land on a new quiz page, this breaks the flow for students moving to the next item in the module. 

Permissions in New Quiz Tool

I am glad to see the item bank sharing option now available but I don't like that all people who have been given access to the item bank have the same read/write access. I am hoping that permissions with item bank sharing can become more granular. 

Feature Ideas about Question Types and Creating Questions

There are lots of great feature ideas listed below. I love creativity of all the ideas. One area of new quizzes that Instructure folks have been pretty quiet about is surveys. I would love to know more about what will be available for surveys. Hint! Hint!

One thing I do want to point out is that the rich content editor in the new quiz tool is not the same as the as rich content editor that is currently available in the production instance of Canvas. It is also important to note that there is a new rich content editor that is available in beta. I hoping that when the new editor becomes available in production that there will be consistency across all tools. You can learn more about the new rich content editor at the link below. 

New Question Types

Editing Questions

Multiple Choice Question Type

Matching Question Type

Formula Question Type

Numerical Question Type

Hot Spot Question Type

Essay Question Type

Fill-In-Blank Question Type

File Upload Question Type

Outcomes and New Quizzes

Questions and Item Banks

It seems organization tools are lacking in the new quiz tool. I feel organizational features are super critical for faculty because it saves them time. Time is precious when you teach.  

Feature Ideas about Quiz Settings

The quiz settings have come a long way in the past year. There have been many releases that affect quiz settings but I feel it still needs to tweaked a bit more. 

Student Experience Taking Quizzes

We only have a handful of teachers who are using the new quiz tool and so far no student complaints. 

Moderation and Grading

Overall the new moderation options are nice and I like that the moderation options are with the quiz settings now. I feel the time moderation options are bit more confusing. Now there are two different places to adjust time for students. For some reason I missed this when it was released. It does offer more features so that is good. See the June 22, 2019 release notes.  

Feature Ideas about Quiz Analysis and Reports

It just needs to function at least as good as the current quiz tool analytics. I have one instructor who wants to be able to see which students missed an item and he can't in the new quiz tool. He also misses the download option. 


Thank you for an excellent compilation of discussions for new quizzes. 

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