How do I view visuals using my institution's assessment outcomes?

If your administrator has configured assessment outcome normalizations, you can view visuals using your institution's assessment outcomes. You can open a performance level-based visual, and set the Assessment Reporting Method filter to your institution's assessment outcome or any assessment outcome.

Open Visual

In the Navigation Menu, click the Visuals link [1]. In the Organization section, click the Assessments category link [2]. Then, click a performance level visual name link [3].

View Default Reporting Method

By default, the assessment family reporting method is selected [1]. Visuals display the assessment family default performance levels [2].

However, if your administrator defined an assessment outcome normalization, you can view the data using it. For example, if your institution has an assessment outcome that maps the AP assessment family achievement/proficiency levels to outcomes titled Tier 1 Red, Tier 2 Yellow, and Tier 3 Green, you can view the data by those outcomes.

Change Assessment Reporting Method

To view the data using a different assessment outcome, such as your institution's outcome, click the Assessment Reporting Method filter [1]. Then, select an assessment outcome [2].

View Assessment Outcome Performance Levels

The data displays according to your selected assessment outcome performance levels.