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Jason Sparks

Instructure - HigherEd & K12

What is the Modern Quizzing Engine all about? The answer to this question doesn't require multiple choice! Join the Canvas team to learn about the evolution of testing in Canvas.

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Community Member

Hey Deactivated user​, I am not sure if this should be addressed here or not, but I got Outlook invites for this breakout session at least ten times. I accepted it 9 times ago and they are still coming! Smiley Happy  I just keep deleting all the extra invites, but wondering if anyone else is getting it ten times, or am I the chosen one? Thanks!


Yes, I am getting multiple calendar invites for many session, not just this one.

Brenda Adrian


Not sure what is going on.  I have alerted the community team.  I'm not sending out the invitations.



Community Member

Thanks for your response! Yes, I am getting multiple invites for others as well, but this one by far beat the record  - take a look below! Smiley Happy


Learner II

With all the sessions, I am over 100 calendar invites.  Really out of control. 

Community Member

Hopefully they will fix it soon! I wasn't sure where to address it, but when this one started multiplying like crazy, I thought this was as good of a place as any other to bring it to their attention! Smiley Happy

Community Team
Community Team

Thank you, all.

We are doing out best to minimize the notifications as our events team makes sure all of the sessions have the most up to date information.  Unlike other features of the Community, events does not have a way to deactivate a notification when an update is made.

Community Member

Yes, I got them more than 10, I started deleting them after I reply the 3rd.

Mandana Mahdavi (Mondie), M.Ed.

Instructional Technologist

eLearning & Instructional Support TB213


Monday-Friday 7:30 am-4:00 pm

Learner II

Glad I'm not alone as well! I was beginning to think maybe I had somehow opted myself in to multiple invites! (I also keep having mini panic attacks of "Ahh what crisis is going on??" :smileyshocked: when I see my in box numbers, followed by "Oh never mind....more invites." :smileyplain:)