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Community Advocate

What do people wear at Instructurecon?

Can you please give me some tips on what people wear/bring with them to survive the weather of CO and what is the expected dress for this conference?

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 @kmeeusen ‌ and  @kona : You guys are cracking me up. 😉

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Thank you!!  Got it.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Very good!

Just blush and accept the compliments!

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I have to say, I am a Texas girl and I was FREEZING for much of the conference last year! This year I plan to bring layers because even indoors, during the day I found it to be pretty chilly. But coming from the heat and humidity I am used to, mid-day, outside in Keystone was pretty chilly, as well. Evenings was under armour and hoodie weather for my crew! I don't mean to scare anyone but if you are wimpy like me, you may want to add one or two really warm articles of clothing just in case!

Srsly, Carrie!

Last year one of our crew who lives in Florida needed gloves for an evening event - can't hurt to bring a full wardrobe if you are a low lander.

I am in Boulder, and I will be carrying wear for every temp. That is normal for Colorado since at any time in Colorado, the fours seasons are always present somewhere. In the Winter, we sometimes wear T-shirts and keep a sweater and coat in the car for later. 

I almost forgot to pack my gloves this year! They just made it into the bag this morning before I left.

I'm loading the car right now and we have everything from shirts and tank tops, to rain jackets and umbrellas, to jeans, long sleeves, and jackets with winter hats! It looks like we are packing for a full year of seasons in one trip. 😉

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Gloves are a great tip - I added them to my packing list. Thank you!