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Account Settings Overview

Account Settings Overview

TalentMatch is a sourcing and job posting tool for recruiters and hiring managers seeking entry level talent; including student interns, recent grads, and alumni.

TalentMatch takes unique advantage of's exclusive partnership network which includes hundreds of colleges and universities. Portfolium aggregates rich digital portfolios from students and recent grads and in turn, employers use TalentMatch to find the best-fitting candidates on the basis of the proven skills and competencies found in those portfolios.

TalentMatch is not an applicant tracking system or CRM, however, you may re-direct candidates sourced from TalentMatch to your ATS or CRM system.

Manage Email Address

Add one or more e-mail addresses to the Portfolium database. Choose a primary e-mail address; this is the address to which Portfolium will send important messages like information about applicants and saved search alert emails. We recommend that you use your official company/work address as your primary email address.

Change Password

Navigate to your avatar, then click "settings," then "password" to change your TalentMatch account password.

Manage PMail Credits

A bundle of PMail credits come with every TalentMatch license. The number of PMail you have remaining depends on how many you initially purchased with your license and how many you have sent.

To see how many PMail you have remaining, go to the dashboard and take note of the left hand side of the screen:

To inquire about purchasing additional PMail, click the "Add More" button.

Manage Your Schools

From the TalentMatch dashboard, click "View All" to see a complete list of the schools to which you have licensed search access. To inquire about expanding access, click the "Add More" button.

If you click on a school in the list, you will be taken to a set of search results which include all users from that school.

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