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Search Facets

Search Facets

Search Facets allow you to search or filter candidates based on specific criteria.

Search Facets - Location

The locations facet allows you to target students base on their work preference regions. 

Find students by searching schools by name, state or region. 

Search Facets - Schools

Find students at your target schools.

Search Facets - States

Target students who are in certain states.

Search Facets - Regions

If you would like to target students at schools in a certain region, you can use the region facet to select all schools in each region.

Search Facets - Majors/Fields of Study

You may check one or more of the options to narrow down search results by users' major or field of study. You may also search in the box below and utilize the type-ahead functionality to discover majors that match what you're looking for:

Search Facets - Enrollment Status

As you run a search or review matches suggested from the dashboard, you can filter results in the enrollment status facet to focus on users who:

  • Have Already graduated school
  • Are currently enrolled as undergraduates
  • Are currently enrolled in graduate school
  • Are enrolled in an associate's degree program
  • Are enrolled in another type of degree or certificate program

Search Facets - (Expected) Graduation Date

You may use the Grad Year facet to filter search results based on users actual or expected year of graduation, based on their enrollment.

Employers looking for student interns may, for example, check boxes to indicate that they are seeking students who have not yet graduated. Employers looking for graduating seniors or candidates with a few years of experience may check boxes to filter for users who are about to graduate or whom have graduated in the past.

Search Facets - Clubs and Affiliations

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