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How do I use Portfolium in my Recruiting Workflow?

How do I use Portfolium in my Recruiting Workflow?

Get Portfolium to work with your current hiring process and ATS

The first set of steps listed below are for companies that use an applicant tracking system (ATS). If you don't use an ATS, skip to the second set of instructions.


  1. Set up a new source in your ATS to track candidates coming from Portfolium. 
  2. Ask your Portfolium representative (or email: to initiate an automatic import of entry-level jobs scraped from your corporate careers web site, into
  3. As usual, check your ATS for new applications coming from various sources, including where the source = Portfolium.
  4. Periodically check to see if there are discrepancies between job application analytics in Portfolium and your ATS. If you are seeing that applicants are clicking apply in Portfolium, but not completing your ATS application process, you are witnessing the normal drop-off that occurs in the candidate experience between job boards and the ATS.  Step 5 will help remedy this situation:
  5. Take a moment to set up a messaging template to send to candidates that drop out of the process in between Portfolium and your ATS. Here's a sample:

Once a template is set up, you can use it when messaging applicants who are in limbo between Portfolium and your ATS. Note: Some of the best passive candidates have been known to drop out of the ATS process. This is your chance to reel them back in.


  1. When posting jobs on Portfolium, be sure to indicate where you want applicants to be sent. Tip: You may want to forward applicants to an email alias so that multiple recipients can see/receive applications.
  2. As applicants come in, you may share their Portfolium profiles with other hiring managers even if they do not have Portfolium accounts. Just copy and paste the URL of the applicant's profile to share it freely for review.
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