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Advanced Searching and Saving Searches

Advanced Searching and Saving Searches

In TalentMatch, you can search using advanced criteria and save advanced searches.

By clicking the advanced search button, you can open the advanced search panel, which will launch from the right side of the screen.

After choosing a filter from a search facet on the left AND/OR typing a query in the keyword search box at the top of the screen, you may click the Save Search button to save all of your search parameters.

View Saved Searches

You may view saved searches by clicking on the upward arrow icon.

Or you may view saved searches from the dashboard.

When viewing all of your saved searches, you may edit, delete, or rename them:

  • To edit a saved search, click the pencil icon. You may then rename the search.
  • To save the edited search, click the green check box. Click the red x to cancel your changes.
  • To delete a search, click the trash can icon.

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