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Employer Widget

Employer Widget

The Portfolium registration widget is a small rectangular tile that is embedded on your company's web pages, allowing your candidates to quickly start their Portfolium and join your exclusive talent pool in seconds. It does not interfere with the function of your web page in any way, and makes it easy for your visitors to start their Portfolium!

Embed the widget on your company's site to:

Maintain a quality, up-to-date candidate pool even when not actively hiring 

Candidates interested in your company will be placed into your company's pool, as they begin to prove their skills and expertise via interactive portfolio entries

Capture valuable info from candidates not ready to apply yet 

Not all visitors to your careers website are ready to apply. Don't miss out on knowing who these candidates are or learning more about them.

Timing is everything. 

Just because you're not actively hiring, don't miss out on the ideal candidate for when a position becomes available.

Navigate to your edit company page and click Widget in your TM portal to get the embed code for your widget.

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