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What is Canvas TalentMatch?

What is Canvas TalentMatch?

Portfolium TalentMatch has 3 main sections that employers are able to leverage: TalentMatch Dashboard, Jobs, and Search.


The dashboard on TalentMatch is meant to give the employers an overview of their employer account on Portfolium. 

In the main section of the dashboard, it shows an overview of a few things:

Active Jobs: This shows the employers active jobs that students are currently able to apply to, giving a quick look at job views, applications, and suggested student matches. 

Saved Searches: Below that is an employer’s Saved Searches. This allows employers to save specific searches based upon various filters and keywords, and enables them to jump directly to that specific search, without having to perform the search from scratch. 

Search Shortcuts: These are pre-built searches that Portfolium automatically populates for every TalentMatch account. This enables employers to find students based upon competency clues, (speaker, persuade, teach, editor) as opposed to just searching for the competency itself (communication). This gives more students a chance to be seen by employers based upon the skills they actually possess.

On the left hand side of the dashboard, you will find all of the employer's social following and messaging statistics.

Social Following: This gives employers a good view of how many followers they have, their company page views, and their brand rank amongst other employers on Portfolium. The higher the brand rank, the more visibility they will be getting to students. 

PMail: This shows employers how many PMail they have sent, and how many more they have remaining.

Click here to learn more about: TalentMatch Dashboard.


The jobs section of TalentMatch is for employers to see their active jobs and dive into each individual job, the expired jobs, and the jobs in draft mode. 

Active Jobs: Your active jobs will show you a preview of all of your current active jobs, the number of job views, and applications. From here you are able to dive into each individual job. 

Each individual active job will show you: 

Number of job views

Applicant numbers

When you select applications, you are then able to see each individual student, look at their application (resume, work samples, cover letter) and message them right there. 

Interested Matches

These are top ranked students that are matched to your job based upon the qualifications of the job and function of the job.

Expired Jobs: This will show you all of the jobs that are past their expiration date, allowing you to dive into the applicants of previous jobs, and easily repost positions. 

Draft Jobs: This will show you all of your jobs that are not yet published, and simply sitting in draft mode. 

The search functionality of Portfolium allows employers to search and source candidates based upon certain keywords or filters. Once employers find matching candidates to their positions, they are then able to message them and invite them to apply directly to their positions. 

Search: You can search for students and recent graduates based upon filters or keywords

Filters: There are various filters you can use to narrow down your results like location (State, University, Region), major, enrollment status, graduation year, or clubs & affiliations. 

Keywords: This is a boolean keyword search engine, so you are able to run simple (Excel) or complex boolean (Excel AND data AND vlookup) 

This gives students with more competencies and more work samples a greater ability to be found based upon the actual skills the student / graduate posses. 

Click here to learn more about: TalentMatch Search.


Once you have found a select group of students or graduates that you believe are going to be a good fit for your positions, you are then able to 1:1 or Mass (up to 25 at once) invite these students or graduates to apply directly to your job. The students will then receive a message in their Portfolium account, notifying the student that a specific company is inviting them to apply for their open job. 

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